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Eczema Explained: What Causes It and How Can I Improve it?

Eczema Explained: What Causes It and How Can I Improve it?

You want your skin to be smooth, clear, and irritation-free, so it looks and feels its best. If you have eczema, it can be a challenge! This skin condition can result in patches of dry, scaly, irritated skin.

Eczema symptoms often flare up after you come in contact with an allergen or other skin irritant. Some people are more prone to eczema outbreaks than others. If recurrent eczema has you feeling bad about your skin, get in touch with our team of primary care providers at Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas.

We offer support for allergies and eczema from our offices in Fort Worth, Arlington, Waco, and Wichita Falls, Texas. With the right treatment and advice, you can improve your skin condition, get relief from your eczema symptoms, and reduce the occurrence of future flare-ups.

Determining the cause of your eczema

Eczema is a type of dermatitis that isn’t contagious. However, flare-ups happen when your skin reacts adversely to an irritant or an allergen. During a flare-up, your skin loses its ability to retain moisture. Eczema often has a genetic component and can also be acquired later in life due to physical, environmental, or even emotional factors.

There are several types of eczema, and each comes with specific triggers that damage the barrier function of your skin. You can also suffer from more than one type of eczema at once. Eczema often accompanies conditions like allergies, asthma, and hay fever.

Eczema causes your immune system to react too strongly to your triggers, going into overdrive and creating overly high levels of inflammation in your body. Learning more about the type of eczema you have and what triggers it is an essential part of getting your skin back under control.

Managing eczema and improving your skin

The bad news: There isn’t a cure for eczema. However, the team at Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas can help you put together an effective management plan to keep your skin in good condition. Prevention and treatment strategies both play a role in eczema management.


To prevent eczema, identify and avoid your triggers. It’s worth watching out for factors including:

Food allergies can also trigger eczema flare-ups.


At Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas, we can assist you in improving your skin condition when eczema becomes an issue. We recommend treatments and strategies, such as:

It can take a few weeks to see improvement, but with the right approach, you can tame your eczema and enjoy smoother, better-moisturized skin.

For support with eczema, allergies, and more, contact our team at Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas online or over the phone today to schedule your initial consultation appointment.

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