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Disc Herniation & Disc Bulges in Arlington, TX


Disc Herniation

At Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas, our talented doctors work to treat a variety of conditions, including degenerative disc disease in Arlington and Fort Worth Texas. Disc herniation, an often painful condition, can affect the cervical spine (neck) or lumbar spine and is sometimes referred to as a slipped disc or ruptured disc. Fort Worth doctors at Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas are experts in treating herniated discs, which occur when some of the soft, jelly-like center of a spinal disc pushes out through a crack in the exterior of the disc. Some people do not suffer ill effects from disc herniation, while others report intense pain, numbness or tingling, sciatica, or muscle weakness, but this condition can be addressed using the holistic techniques embraced by Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas in Fort Worth. Degenerative disc disease is also known as age-related disc degeneration, and it’s a gradually progressing condition that is often the cause of disc herniation.

A herniated disc can have other causes, however, and sometimes they are difficult to identify. Trauma from a fall or blow to the back, or even something as simple as improper lifting or bending can cause disc herniation, and overweight or middle-aged patients, along with patients who have physically demanding jobs are at higher risk for this problem. If you’re suffering from disc degeneration in Fort Worth or Arlington, you can turn to the medical professionals at Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas for help. Embracing an integrated approach to wellness, our doctors treat degenerative disc disease and herniated discs using a variety of non-invasive treatment options to promote optimal wellness.

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