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Neck Pain / Shoulder Pain


Neck Pain / Shoulder Pain

At Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas, we embrace an integrated approach to healthcare, using natural medicine to treat conditions like neck pain in Arlington and Fort Worth, Texas. Neck pain relief is not out of reach, and can often be accomplished through something as simple as an adjustment of the spine. The human spine is versatile and complex, providing support and protection for the internal organs and nervous system, while also allowing amazing flexibility and movement. A unique and important part of this magnificent structure, the neck is delicate and susceptible to pain, while still strong enough to support the weight of the head.

They vary from case to case, so it’s sometimes difficult to diagnose causes of neck pain. In Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas, the specialists at Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas strive to determine the source of neck pain, which can include things like irritation, inflammation, injury, infection, irritation of the cervical nerve roots, encroachment of the vertebral canal’s vascular supply, or invasion of the cord into the spinal canal. Another cause of neck pain is arthritis, and the disc thinning or disc degeneration and deterioration of muscles and ligaments associated with the condition.

Some illnesses or injuries can also cause the curvature of the neck to become too straight or to reverse its curve. Only by determining the root issues behind chronic neck pain, can a medical professional have enough information to create an effective treatment plan. At Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas, therapy for neck pain in Fort Worth involves a variety of natural healing treatments, customized to fit each unique medical situation.

When patients wait too long to seek neck pain treatment, neglecting to see a specialist until the pain becomes acute, the cause of the pain can remain undetected, with the patient remaining unaware of a problem until it is serious. That’s why it’s important to have regular examinations, to maintain your overall wellness, so that root issues are treated before they require chronic pain management.

Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas uses non-invasive and non-surgical treatments like physical rehabilitation, trigger point injections, class 4 laser therapy, and other natural therapies to provide neck pain treatment in Fort Worth and Arlington. The medical staff at Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas performs a thorough examination and diagnostic assessment, before providing patient with a personalized neck pain therapy plan designed to alleviate the cause of distress.

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