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Headaches Specialist

Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas -  - Primary Care with a Specialty in Neuropathy & Pain Management

Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas

Primary Care with a Specialty in Neuropathy & Pain Management located in Fort Worth, TX & Arlington, TX

If chronic headaches threaten your well-being, you probably don’t want to take medications that could ultimately do the same thing. Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas offers a better approach to headaches — one focused on natural pain relief and the healing of underlying issues — in their Fort Worth, Arlington, Waco, and Wichita Falls, Texas, offices. Schedule online or call the office nearest you to make an appointment today.


Headaches Q&A

How do chronic headaches affect your life?

More than 15% of Americans have chronic severe headaches. The most common type, tension headaches, usually cause symptoms such as:

  • Pain on one or both sides of your head
  • Neck muscle pain
  • A feeling of head constriction
  • Pain behind the eyes
  • Scalp, head, or neck tenderness 

In general, tension headaches usually cause dull pain and persistent aching. Unfortunately, they can be quite difficult to live with and may make it hard to concentrate, sleep, relax, or even move normally. 

Migraines, which affect about 39 million Americans today, can cause even more severe symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity, and other potentially disabling issues. 

When should I seek help for headaches?

If headaches disrupt your life, it’s time to seek help for headache pain. When you have to call in sick to work, cancel plans with friends, or miss important things because of headaches, it’s more than just a minor issue. 


If you’re tired of taking over-the-counter headache medications only to get no real relief, Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas can help you find a far more effective way to get your life back.

How are headaches treated?

There are many different options for headache treatment today, many of which center around drug therapy. But, unfortunately, many headache drugs only focus on symptom relief.

While it's important to relieve your symptoms, most pain reliever medications only work for a short time. This leaves you in a perpetual cycle of taking pain relievers without ever actually dealing with the root cause of your headache pain.

At Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas, the experienced team of professionals starts your treatment with comprehensive diagnostic testing. They can identify the causative factors and triggers involved in your headaches with this testing. 

Your treatment at Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas emphasizes natural methods, including:

Nutrition counseling 

Food is a major trigger for many migraines, which means that you can control and manage the number of migraines simply by making better nutrition choices. The team offers nutrition counseling tailored for your triggers.

Chiropractic care

Muscle stress and spinal imbalance are two of the most common factors in tension headaches. Chiropractic care relieves spinal stress and corrects spinal alignment, which in turn helps reduce headache frequency and intensity.

Trigger point injections

Trigger point injections treat the muscle knots that frequently accompany tension and migraine headaches. These injections force the muscle back to a relaxed position immediately, and this, in turn, eases your pain.

Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas also offers other noninvasive treatments to help you overcome chronic headaches, including trigger management strategies, massage, rehabilitation, and other innovative therapies.

Book your appointment online or call Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas for help with headaches today.