Let IV Nutritional Therapy Boost Your Immunity this Flu and Cold Season

Boost Your Immunity this Flu and Cold Season

Your immune system is a complex network that’s on duty 24/7, helping your body stay safe from invading germs. To keep your immune system functioning the way it’s supposed to, you need to support it with ample nutrients.

It’d be great if we could get all the nutrients the immune system needs through our regular dietary habits. But the fact is, many of us don’t, leaving us at increased risk of catching a cold, the flu, or another illness.

At Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas, our team offers IV nutritional therapy designed to help boost your immune system by giving it a direct “dose” of essential nutrients. If you want to steer clear of colds and the flu this season, here’s how IV infusions could help.

Nutrition and your immune system

Most of us understand the link between nutrition and certain health issues — like heart disease and diabetes, for instance. While we might not think about the link between nutrients and immunity, the fact is, vitamins and minerals play major roles in helping us stay healthy.

Unfortunately, data show many Americans lack adequate levels of several key nutrients essential for immune system health, including:

Although a balanced diet provides many of these nutrients, most of us don’t get the recommended amounts in food alone.

IV infusions feature unique combinations of vitamins and minerals used by our immune systems to ward off diseases. Delivered directly to your bloodstream via an IV needle, our infusions provide the nutritional boost your immune system needs to initiate a strong defense, even during the challenging flu and cold season.

Plus, in addition to immune system support, IV infusions provide your organs, muscles, and other tissues with the nutrients they need to stay healthy. By optimizing whole body wellness, IV infusions help your body provide a stronger defense against invading germs that could otherwise cause infections and illnesses.

IV therapy vs. oral supplements

It’s tempting to think you could get the same immune-boosting benefits just by popping a few vitamin supplements with your morning orange juice. But unfortunately, that’s not the case.

When you take an oral supplement, it first goes through your digestive tract, just like your food. That means it’s subjected to all the acids and other chemical and mechanical processes designed to break down your food so it can be digested.

The problem is, while those processes are an integral part of digestion, they can also render many nutrients less effective. Chemical processes may “negate” or weaken nutrients, which means you’ll be getting far fewer nutritional benefits than you expect.

In addition, many people have issues with nutrient absorption, which means even those nutrients you do receive may never make it into circulation where your immune system has access to them. 

Because it delivers nutrients directly to your bloodstream, IV infusions bypass the digestive tract entirely, so your immune system and your organs get more of the pure nutritional benefits without degradation or absorption problems.

Give your immune system a “boost”

Most infusions at our Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas offices take an hour or less, and afterward, you can go right back to your normal routine. To learn more about IV infusions at Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas, book an appointment online or over the phone today.

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