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The Importance of Primary Care

The Importance of Primary Care

We’re all unique individuals with unique health needs, so when it comes to your health needs, you need a doctor who knows you and can care for you no matter the issue. This is where primary care comes in.

Primary care is a provision of health care that ranges from wellness services to treatment for common illnesses, and it serves as your entry point into the world of medical care. 

Primary care providers may include doctors, nurses, and physician assistants who can treat you for a variety of acute and chronic conditions, and refer you to specialists when necessary while maintaining a long-term relationship with you as their patient.

At Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texasour team offers primary care as your first resource for your non-emergent medical needs. Here’s why primary care — and having a primary care physician — is so important for your health and well-being.

Understanding the importance of primary care

One of the main focuses of primary care medicine is preventive care, which can help detect diseases early or prevent certain health conditions from developing through necessary screenings and interventions. Preventive care is also all about finding a primary care provider you trust, being seen on a regular basis, and learning about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Having a primary care provider is also necessary when you have health concerns that don’t require a trip to the emergency room. This could be anything from a sore throat to a urinary tract infection (UTI) to persistent back pain.

Seeing a primary care provider regularly is also essential if you’re managing a long-term chronic health condition like asthma or diabetes.

Primary care services that we offer

At Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas, our seasoned team provides many primary care services, including:

We also offer men’s and women’s preventive health exams, like prostate cancer screenings and breast cancer screenings (mammograms).

Conditions we treat on a routine basis include:

Even when you feel like you’re well and in good shape, it’s important for your health to see your primary care provider regularly in order to keep yourself healthy and check for any potential health concerns. 

To learn more about our primary care services or schedule a visit with our primary care team, contact one of our Texas office locations today, or use our online booking feature to request an appointment any time.

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