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Osteoarthritis can cause severe and sometimes disabling knee pain. Fortunately, with a viscosupplement injection at Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas, you can restore smooth knee joint movement and return to the activities you enjoy. To find out whether this type of injection therapy can help you, call the Fort Worth, Arlington, Waco, or Wichita Falls, Texas office or schedule a consultation online today.

Viscosupplement Injection Q&A

What is a viscosupplement injection?

A viscosupplement injection places a lubricating substance directly within your knee joint. Hyaluronic acid, the primary ingredient in viscosupplement injections, is a naturally occurring polysaccharide that can help to restore smooth joint movement when you have chronic knee pain. 

When might I need a viscosupplement injection?

Viscosupplement injections are FDA-approved for those with osteoarthritis knee pain. The cartilage that caps your knee bone breaks down when you have osteoarthritis and wears away. This wearing down may cause your knee bones to rub together. 

In addition, the fluid that lubricates the knee joint contains too little hyaluronic acid when you have osteoarthritis. This deficiency causes increased friction, pain, and stiffness when you move the joint.

Many people with osteoarthritis knee pain find it difficult to rise from a sitting position, climb stairs, or walk without discomfort. Viscosupplementation injections can restore your hyaluronic acid levels to normal, reducing your pain and improving your function.

This injection is best suited for chronic knee pain patients who don’t respond to more conservative treatments such as activity modifications. 

How does the viscosupplement injection process work?

The Neuropathy and Pain Management Centers of Texas team may inject a numbing medication into the knee area before administering the viscosupplement injection. Then, if you have any fluid buildup in your knee joint, they may aspirate (drain) it before administering your injection. 

There are several different types of viscosupplement injections, each with its own treatment protocol. You may need anywhere from 1-5 injections in total, spaced out over several weeks.

After your injection, you can return home almost immediately. You generally need to avoid activities that stress the knees for the first couple of days following your injection, but after that you can resume full activity. 

When will I notice results after a viscosupplement injection?

If viscosupplement injections work for you, you'll typically see an improvement in knee movement and pain level within a few weeks. You may enjoy significant symptom relief for several months; a follow-up treatment after six months can help you maintain your results. 

Viscosupplement injections are most effective when combined with other nonsurgical approaches. 

To learn more about viscosupplementation, call the Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas office in your area or schedule a consultation online today.